Kingston legion gets 10K to fix its roof

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Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey was in a generous mood Friday in announcing $122,000 in improvements to 17 Legions across the province. Kingston's Legion will be getting $10,000 towards roof repairs.

Furey explained the Legion Capital Assitance Program is designed to help Legions upgrade heating systems, washrooms, roofs, siding, doors, and windows, adding a nod to the important contribution Legions play in communities through hosting meetings, activities, and events.

Bluenose II update

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They've started work on installing a new hydraulic steering system for the Bluenose II.

David Darrow, the premier’s deputy minister, said the design work is done and equipment is on order...but it's not off the shelf and will take six to eight weeks to deliver. The system became neccessary because of the decision to go with a much heavier steel rudder instead of wood. That was to satisfy regulators with the American Bureau of Shipping so the big schooner could carry passengers.

The rebuilding project is two years late and approaching $20 million, up from the original estimate of $14 million.

Windsor Elms Village workers share lotto win

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A combined group of 5 staff and residents at Windsor Elms Village got a little extra holiday money last week heading into Natal Day weekend when they won a 6/49 pot totaling over $141,000, working out to about $28,000 apiece.

Angel Kelley, a residential support assistant, who celebrated with the purchase of a Toyota Rav4, noted the lottery buying group from the residence had shrunk over time as luck was not apparently on their side, but she'll continue to buy tickets on a regular basis.

The winning ticket was bought at the Falmouth Circle K.

Good news for hikers in Nova Scotia

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It was a great day for hikers in Southwest Nova Scotia as news of trail improvements came in thick and fast. West Nova MP Greg Kerr had his track shoes on as he announced over $25,000 towards enhancement of the Petit Bois Trail system on the Campus of Universite Ste. Anne, overlooking Saint-Mary's Bay. The provincial government kicked in an additional $15,000 through the Southwest Nova Tourism Task Team.

But Kerr wasn't done, as he also officially opened Leif Ericson Park at Cap Forchu in Yarmouth, with the help of a $125,000 contribution through ACOA. The funding went towards improving walkways, building 6 look-offs, improved access through the gorge, expanded picnic areas, benches, and interpretive signage. The area won the award for Canada's Best Public Space in 2012 by the Canada Institute of Planners.

Repairs Underway On Cape Spilt Trail

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Work got underway Saturday to clear debris from along Cape Split Trail after Tropical Storm Arthur left the popular hiking destination in shambles three weeks ago. Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill recognized the significance of the iconic trail, and was pleased to report work is proceeding quickly. Aylesford tree cutting company Burton's Towering Tree Services was awarded the tender last Friday, and is hopeful the clean-up will be completed by the weekend.

Until then, hikers are urged to stay away from the area for safety reasons.

Port Williams and Windsor get funding

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The provincial government announced almost $800,000 in funding for 10 high-priority municipal infrastructure projects through the Provincial Capital Assistance Friday, and 2 Valley communities were on the receiving end of some cash. Port Williams got a check for over $127,000, which will cover half the cost of replacing of a wastewater disinfection system, and Windsor gets over $187,000 towards water, sewer, and road upgrades on Stannus Street, a project with a total price tag of over $1.3M.

Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey explained that funding is limited, and priority is given to projects that eliminate serious environmental health problems, noting that water supply, sewage disposal and sold waste projects place huge financial burdens on communities throughout the province.

Nova Scotia groups concerned about lobster levy

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A couple of fishing groups in Nova Scotia say they weren't consulted about the McNeil government's proposal to add a levy of five cents per pound of lobster.

Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell said that the government is preparing legislation to be introduced in the fall that would allow it to collect the five-cent levy, three cents more than what a report recommended last year.

A three-member panel that reviewed the lobster industry proposed a two-cent levy, with one cent cent coming from fishermen and the other from buyers and processors.

Ashton Spinney of the L-34 Management Board in southwestern Nova Scotia says there's been no consultation with fishermen about the government's proposal.

Bernie MacDonald, the manager of a Fishermen's Co-op in Cape Breton, says he also didn't know about the higher levy and adds there could be opposition from fishermen if the province moves ahead with it.

Australian firm plans to buy property in Port Hawksbury

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Australia-based Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is going to buy a potential Nova Scotia natural gas export site from a branch of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

The firm says the deal to aquire the Bear Head site outside of Port Hawkesbury is worth about $11 million and should close at the end of next month.

The 100-hectare site includes land zoned for industrial purposes, and there are two foundations in place for liquefied natural gas tanks.

The project could lead to exports of LNG from the Nova Scotia port to European markets.


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In baseball, Toronto hammered Boston 14 to 1, Texas doubled the Yankees 4 to 2, and the Mets got past Philly 7 to 1, Baltimore had the day off.

Shelly Sterling says she can't believe it's over.

Her estranged husband, Donald Sterling, doesn't believe it, either.

A judge has ruled against the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, clearing the way for the two-billion-dollar sale of the team to former Microsoft C-E-O Steve Ballmer.

Donald Sterling says the fight isn't over yet.

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