Acadian Seaplants Named Exporter of the Year

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As a young boy, Louis Deveau learned that seaweed was an excellent source of plant nutrients after watching his father using it in the family garden at his Baie Ste. Marie home. Mr Deveau grew up to found Acadian Seaplants in 1981, and its success as a leading global innovator in the harvesting and processing of seaweed was recognized as it won the coveted Exporter of the Year award at the 31st Annual Export Achievement awards, held Thursday in Halifax.

The company is headquartered in Dartmouth, but has three plants in southwestern Nova Scotia, with its seaweed operation based in Cornwallis, and exports 95% of its products to 70 countries worldwide.

Inappropriate Touching Charges Dismissed Against Digby Officer

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A Digby RCMP member has been cleared of inappropriate touching charges in relation to a drug search last December on Highway 101 near Digby. The Serious Incident Response Team concluded that statements issued by a woman and her boyfriend were compromised by inconsistencies, and her allegations were contradicted by the officer who said he had been able to conduct a visual search of the woman, and any contact was incidental. This was backed up statements from his partner, and the lack of convincing testimony from either the woman or her boyfriend.

A lengthy search of the vehicle failed to uncover any suspected cocaine, but a small quantity of marijuana, which the man claimed was medical, but had no documentation, was found.

More Cases of Potato Tampering

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There's been more potato tampering.

Three people recently found metal objects like nails in potatoes in Nova Scotia and PEI.

RCMP say a man in Antigonish found a nail in a potato in Antigonish. Another was found at the other end of the province in Barrington Passage...and one turned up in Montague PEI. They were potatoes bought from Atlantic Superstores and a No Frills store under the Farmer's Market brand.

Police are asking people to be on the lookout and if you find any foreign objects in potatoes, keep the potato, the object and the bag and call them.

Threat Case Delayed

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The case involving two people accused of plotting to open fire at a Halifax shopping mall is to return to provincial court next month.

Twenty-three-year-old Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath (Soo-vah-nah-rath) of Geneva, Illinois, and 20-year-old Randall Steven Shepherd of Halifax are each charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

They also face charges of conspiracy to commit arson, illegal possession of dangerous weapons and making a threat through social media.

Their lawyers said yesterday at a brief hearing they needed more time to review documents in the case.

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